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Untitled by ToasterX Untitled :icontoasterx:ToasterX 0 0 100 0781 by ToasterX 100 0781 :icontoasterx:ToasterX 2 0
Lone Night
Where were you when the night lingered on
When safety had waned, and anxiety spawned?
Where were you when the embers grew flames
When the world grew so big that we all lost our names?
Where were you when I needed you most
When I was alone and transparent like a forsaken ghost?
Where were you then when I was so bitter and dark
When the torment inside me needed only a spark?
And where are you now as I'm saying this all
Would you be there to catch me if I happened to fall?
And when is it time to come end my remorse
To show up in armor on your white gilded horse?
And where would you go if I did not reply
Would you sit with the wolves howling sad at the sky?
And when would you know that it's time to move on
To stand up and leave in the night or at dawn?
Where would I go if you weren't my home
Would I unearth my roots and feel freedom to roam?
Where is the comfort, the love, and compassion
Would it be better off with a different reaction?
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 0
So there's this place
Where the dead begin to wake
The sun will never shine
And the gronud begins to quake
On the second day of being there
The ground is torn up, barren, bare
The frowns will never die
All that's left is terror; fear.
On the third week of our dismay
The people here begin to pray
Horror, violence, mischief
Who will save this day?
On the fourth month of the cause
Dark ones poured out from the fog
"Kill them quick; do not pause!"
The battle raged onward
On the fifth and final year
The people died; forgotten here
The last crumbled into dust
Mankind had been forsaken
On the first day of the years
A baby boy appeared here
With blood red eyes and knife-point ears
Today begins the horror.
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 0
The Mirror
Mirror image what do you see
When you stare back into me
Is it darkness? Is it fear?
Do you wish it would not appear?
Mirror image what's your story
Why are you so dark and gory
What brings you to this revelation
All things lost in condemnation
Mirror image sweet and bitter
In your mind what dark things skitter
You have noticed that they're flies
Catch them, tear them, watch them die
Mirror image when you're me
I cannot begin to see
Why the hatred? Why the pain?
Why's all lost with nothing gained?
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 0 0
Lone Draconic Cry
Lone Draconic Cry
(A Full Moon)
A smile cracks across this face
You'll never realize
All the things I kept inside
Begging to reprise
So take this love For what it's worth
And hide it on your shelf
You'll never get away with
Running from yourself
You can't stow away your sorrows
And make them disappear
You can't wait until tomorrow
To show me that you care
If the day is lost and nothing is to gain
What are we doing here?
Turning our blind eyes away from pain
Each and every to year
Take my shiny goblets
My jewlery filled with stones
Take my coins and treasures
Just don't leave me here alone
I wish for the times when
We would sit right here and say
I can't believe how wonderful
I feel upon this day
I hide inside my mental shell
Escaping from the pain
While you sit in drought and wait
Longing for love's rain
So take this photograph of me
I've signed if on the back
Remember me and smile for
The times I had your back
So take my love for what it's worth
And think about it then
I'm sorry that
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 2
Mature content
Hoodoo Magick :icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 3
Mature content
Confessions :icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 3
I wish I may I wish I might
The first star that I see
Please guide me through the night
For fame and for glory
Like the three men from the stories
Please bring me home tonight
Bewildered in fright
Hang over head and
See the world's dead
From your dark woven tapestry
It's all such a travesty
Keeping me up at night
It's more than we can take
The human attraction
Has lost all compassion
It's gizmos and gadgets
How utterly tragic
We've all lost the world tonight
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 0 6
Why Do You Come Home?
Why do you come home?
It never makes it better
I could sit there alone
And think about the weather
On any given day
I could live a simple life
If you'd only stay away
I'd be free from all this strife
You were welcome once before
But then you tore my heart out
You befoul what I adore
And then we scream and shout
There's fire in your eyes
And hatred in every action
There's indictment in your lies
And a total lack of passion
Why do you come home?
It will never make me better
You're better off alone
I'll only bring you anger.
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 4
Shattered Soul
I thought I could hold on
I thought I would last
I thought I could walk on
This land of broken glass
My world it has crumbled
The shattering of Earth
You've raped my sub-concious
You've made sure what I'm worth
broken glass on the floor
Swept up and reformed to
Make me into another man
And get rid of the pane of my life
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 0 3
Darkness Covers Light
I sit and dwell on what to do
ignore the world outside.
The darkness shadows over all
Igor, we must now hide
Sliding down the darkest chute
into the unknown we go
Down, and down and down again
To the darkest place called home.
We arrive at our beloved front door
There's shattered feelings of remorse
No one visits anymore
And to tell the truth, why would they?
Walking through the door we see
A fire lighting up the place
I see a spot on the floor for me
I sit and wait for it to get better.
The darkest thoughts creep through my head
I'd wondered if I would be better dead
Would I be able to sail away
Or would I just continue to suffer?
Dinner time and the clock bells chime
We travel to the feasting chamber
We tear into bland, unwashed food
Silent for the endevour.
After food the clock chimes twelve
Alone time to dwell on ourselves
We sit alone, but still together
No one mentions any pain.
The night slinks on and still we sit
Not sure what to do with it
We all aim for a better place
But two
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 1
A Place to Rest
Welcome child
You never smile
You always hide your pain
Come in, sit down
And lose your frown
Get yourself out of the rain
In this place
You can erase
That feeling of regret
Kneel by me
And you will see
how useful you will get
Look into my eyes
Drop your disguise
You're not fooling anyone
You may be hurt
But you'll never start
Healing if you run
Come in child
This time you'll smile
And know that you have love.
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 1 5
Guardian of the Mountain
The wind hears a thousand stories in any given day. Within those stories, are tales in themselves. And even more so as the field narrows. Today, our sharp witted, gusty, friend has a tale for you. This is a story spawned from faith itself. One filled with not only hate and treachery. But, of love and trust as well. It all started with a dragon...
A harsh gust of wind sailed across the barren landscape laid out before his eyes. A great, green drake stood in the middle of a post war wasteland. To his left and right laid nothing aside from  singed buildings and charred human remains. A solitary scream could be heard muffled under a nearby structure.
The great beast made his way towards the blood curdling sound. He sniffed at the air deeply as he cracked a smile and strolled down the broken avenue. His massive claws crushing burnt bodies and discarded vehicles alike. He stared down upon the wreckage and scoffed, shaking his massive head.
In a smooth motion he batted the wreckage
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 4 0
Psychic Toad by ToasterX Psychic Toad :icontoasterx:ToasterX 0 0
The Void
There is a space. Some sort of distance. It seems to go on forever and nothing can come of it. Nor can anything depart into it. An essence of non-material being. A vortex of thought. The void shows you only what you need to know, nothing of what you want to know, and sometimes things you never thought to consider. Your general feeling once you enter this place is of negativity and weight. You feel as though the entire world has collapsed around you and you are the sole being that holds the planet together. Yet, in another aspect; you beg everyone for help.
You know not who you are, what you are, how you got here or why. You're unsure of yourself, your motives and you're mostly unsure of who you want to be when you return from the void. Your inner most feelings come to the surface and you feel how you are meant to feel without bias. You feel differently. You think differently. And most of all, you act differently.
People only understand the void up to a certain magnitude and then it bec
:icontoasterx:ToasterX 3 4

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Geoffrey Rhodes
United States
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Favourite genre of music: Any metal, punk or hard rock. Anything with a fast pace pretty much.
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